Hannah Whiting – Staff Manager/Reproduction Technician

Hannah has been with us since 2009 as a technician, receptionist and now a reproduction assistant and lead technician. She was born and raised in Utah, though she lived in Alaska for a year. In her spare time she likes to make up her own jokes, write stories, read novels, surf Netflix and drink as much Dr. Pepper as possible. Hannah has an insatiable love for dogs and enjoys working in an environment that allows her to be around them all the time. Hannah is now married and her family includes 3 St. Bernards, a basset hound, and 2 cats.

Mallorie Griffiths - Technician/Reproduction Technician/Sires On Ice International Shipments

Mallorie has been with us since 2013 as a technician. She lives in South Jordan with her husband and sheltie named Jackson. She loves anything to do with horses. She spends her spare time horseback riding, horse showing, hiking, and crafting.

BreeAnne Hammond - Receptionist/Technician

BreeAnne has been with us since the beginning of 2014 as a receptionist. In June of 2014, she married her high school crush, Taylor. She started her career in dental assisting, but decided to follow her passion for animals. She loves crafting, but seems to only have time for Pinterest since she has 3 beautiful children to keep her busy. She loves camping, boating, dance, and watching The Walking Dead.

Jamie Welsh - Technician/Reproduction Assistant

Jamie has been with us since 2014. She attended both Oregon State University and Linn Benton Community College before moving to Utah in 2010. She has a few dogs that keep her busy. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her daughter and pets, camping, hiking, and target shooting.

Lindsey Swensen - Technician

Lindsey has been with us since the end of 2014. She attended Salt Lake Community College, after completing a course at Jordan Applied Technology Center in Veterinary Assiting, She graduated Broadview University as a Certified Veterinary Technician in January of 2018. She has 2 dogs and a flock of chickens that call her Mama. She is a diehard Boston Redsox fan, loves playing volleyball and horseback riding.

Danielle Eaton - Technician

Danielle joined our team in March of 2016 after completing her course work at Broadview University. Danielle interned with us and we're glad to have her as part of our care team. Danielle is married, husband Matthew, living in West Jordan along with her two Heeler Mix dogs. Danielle loves animals and to dance.

Kamri Capson - Receptionist

Kamri recently joined us in 2015. She attended Herriman High School and graduated early as a Junior in 2015 and currently resides in Herriman. She lives on a farm with many dogs, cats, horses, a couple iguanas and rats, but her baby is her golden retriever, Arial. Kamri loves to go to horse shows and compete in rodeos in her spare time with her horse, Flair.

Dinova Pinilla - Technician

Dinova joined our team in the fall of 2015. She attended Riverton High School as well as Salt Lake Community College. Dinova is a native New Yorker but loves Utah and working with animals. She has 1 cat, named Luna, and 2 dogs, one a Weimaraner Trotter and a Pitbull/Boxer mix. Dinova loves to travel, watch Netfix and going out to eat.

Laura Gricius - Technician

Laura joined our team in April 2015. We're glad to have her on board. Laura is a graduated from Highland High School and is currently taking Wildlife Biology courses via BYU Idaho online. She has 2 Saint Bernards named MacKenzie and Parker and two Sugar Gliders named Tula and Charolais. She loves longs walks with her dogs, bike riding and anything outdoors.

Gina Yniquez - Receptionist

Gina joined our team of expert technicians in June 2016. She attended Pima Medical Institute in Las Vegas Nevada as has prior experience working at other veterinary clinics. Gina grew up in Southern California and visits family members as often as possible where she loves to go to the beach. Why she's here in Utah we'll never know, but we're glad to have her talents and experience. Gina has a dog named Princess as well as several Beta Fish. In her off time, besides going to California, she enjoys hiking, swimming, crocheting, and scrap-booking.

Alex Marsala - Technician

Alex joined our team in August 2016. Alex was born and raised in France and moved to Utah a couple of years ago. She and her husband live in Draper and own a German Shepherd named Mooky. She enjoys going on hikes with Mooky and friends. She also enjoys traveling and one of her goals is to visit as many US States as possible. We welcome her to our team of technicians.

Jenessa Robison - Receptionist/Kennel

Jenessa joined our team in October of 2017. She graduated from Riverton High School and is currently attending Salt Lake Community College. She lives in Bluffdale with her family and 2 labradors, and 1 Irish Wolfhound. In her spare time she enjoys photography, playing volleyball, spending time with animals and being outdoors.

Rachel Hamilton - Technician

Rachel is a recent member of our team joining us in February 2017. She has lived in Bothell Washington and currently resides in Herriman currently attending Herriman High School. She loves gold fish and has a dog named Diesel. We welcome Rachel to our team.

Annika Camphusien - Technician/Kennel

Annika joined us in February 2018. She has lived in both Utah and Arizona, and her family includes a German Shepherd and and a Malamute/German Shepherd mix. She enjoys playing soccer, hiking, and camping with her family. We enjoy having her on our team!

Monique Renza - Technician

Monique joined us in April of 2018. She graduated from Skyline High School and Granite Technical Institute. She has a Standard Poodle named Henry and a cat named Nick. She enjoys hiking, film making, art, and photography in her spare time. We are glad to have her with us!

  • Crystal skiing
    Crystal DeWeerd, CVT
    Hospital Manager

    Crystal’s was born and raised in Wisconsin and moved to Utah with her husband (Ben) in 2003.  Her knowledge and experience is with exotic and domestic animals. She has a Masters of Science Management degree concentrating on Management and Leadership, two Bachelor’s degrees in Wildlife Management (Captive Wildlife minor) and Biology, and an Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology. She is a Certified Veterinary Technician and holds her Fear Free Certification through level 3.  She has worked in wildlife parks, zoos, wildlife rehabilitation, clinics/hospitals and in education.

    Crystal enjoys spending time with her family traveling, camping, hiking, rockhounding, fishing, skiing and the outdoors. Her daughter (Jaedyn) plays tennis, her son Connor) plays on a competitive travel hockey team, and her husband (Ben) is the head coach of their son's team and plays in an adult hockey league himself.  Life is spent in the outdoors, in a hockey rink or tennis bubble!  Their family currently has a blue nose pitbull (Nova), domestic medium hair cat (Zephyr) and a calico (Jasmine).

  • Kamri, her family (husband and son) and her five dogs
    Kamri Capson
    Veterinary Assistant

    Kamri joined SMPC in 2015.  She currently resides in Herriman with her husband and pack of animals. She breeds Golden Retrievers and loves her brood (5) at home. Her family loves to compete with their dogs in various sports and are always learning! She also has a deep love for horses and owns a horse.  Kamri grew up competitively barrel racing and that’s where she found her love for animals.  

  • Annika Camphuisen
    Reproduction Technician/Domestic Shipments

    Annika joined us in 2016. She has lived in both Utah and Arizona, and her family includes two German Shepherds named Bear and Kaz, and her cats, Mew and Raikou. She enjoys playing soccer, hiking, and camping with her family. We enjoy having her on our team!

  • Erica pictured in front of a phone booth
    Erika Liddle
    Receptionist/Customer Care Specialist/Veterinary Technician

    Erika has been with us since 2018. She grew up in Orem, but spent some time in San Diego and Cedar City. She has a niece and three nephews that are the center of her universe.  While in Cedar City she attended SUU.  After trying a multitude of career paths, she fell in love with helping animals.  Erika’s passion and continued desire to learn drive her to become a better technician.  She loves to travel, quilt, bake and read any moment not spent catering to every desire of Beanz, her Chihuahua. Beanz is a spitfire!  She was born at SMPC via c-section and loves to sit on mom’s shoulders.  Erika can often be found singing around the clinic, getting songs stuck in everyone’s heads.

  • Maddie Hales
    Kennel Technician

    Maddie Hales joined us as a Kennel Technician in 2019. She grew up in Utah and enjoys mountain biking and spending time with her cat, Faewyn. Her favorite thing on the job is seeing all the different breeds that come through the clinic! She loves learning each dog’s name and cares for their wellbeing. 

  • Kris and her grandson
    Kris Pugh
    Receptionist/Customer Care Specialist

    Kris has been in the veterinary field for over 20 years and joined SMPC in 2019.  She loves all dog sporting events and dog training/obedience.  Her dogs have gained quite a few titles at events.  Kris was born and raised in Utah.  She raised her family here and has three daughters, two son-in-law’s and a wonderful grandson.  She loves spending time with her family, doing dog sports and agility, and attending dog events.  Kris has Penley and Parley (Boston Terriers), Pilot and Pigeon (Australian Shepherds) and Phish (goldfish).

  • Laura Gracia-Gibson
    Veterinary Assistant

    Laura was born in Texas and raised in California.  She has lived in Utah since 2018 with her husband and two children.  Laura has an Associate of Science degree in Natural Science and Math.  She joined our team in early 2021 and would love to become a certified veterinary technician.  She already holds certification as a massage therapist! Laura has always loved animals and owned many growing up.  She spent time working in general practice in California before joining the SMPC reproduction team.  Laura enjoys baking, spending time with her kids and husband and cuddling with her dogs.  They have their own litter of fun at home with differing personalities. Mia (loving), Honey (sassy), Paris (cute), and Lolita (spunky) are Goldendoodles. Asher (sweet) is an Aussiedoodle.  Rocket (crazy) and Romeo (cuddler) are mini poodles.  Her interests also include exercising and playing card/board games. 

  • Aspen on her horse with her dog
    Aspen Gutches Milliner
    Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist/Customer Care Specialist

    Aspen joined SMPC in 2020.  She was born in South Western Oregon and have lived in Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, Idaho and Utah.  She has owned, trained and bred multiple species including dogs, horses, rabbits and cows.  With her background and up bringing she knew she wanted to work in reproduction.  Aspen currently operates her own businesses in horse training and leather working, while working at SMPC to further her knowledge in reproduction.  Aspen holds certifications in CPR and fork lift operations.  Her greatest accomplishment is training her own horse from start to finish. Aspen enjoys drawing, hunting, fishing, hiking, breeding/training cattle dogs, sewing, cooking, trail riding, traveling and camping with her parents (mom, dad and stepdad), brothers (4), hubby and her dogs.  She owns Braylyn (Bay Quarter horse), Reno (Buckskin Quarter horse), Vegas (Dun Quarter horse), Moonie (Grey Mini Gelding), Bronco (Blue Heeler), Timber (Red Heeler) and Cedar (Blue/Tan Heeler).

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Ashby
    Veterinary Technician

    Elizabeth was born in Hershey, PA, grew up in Twin Falls, ID and has lived in Provo since 2013.  She comes from a big family with 4 brothers and 4 sisters!  She started her career working in an animal shelter before she moved onto a small animal mixed practice with exotics.  Elizabeth has been working in the veterinary field since 2018.  Her interest in reproduction brought her to SMPC in 2021.  Elizabeth is working on her Vet Tech degree at Penn Foster to become a certified veterinary technician.  She has a zoo at home that include: Beaumont (Golden Shepard), Mbosco (German Shepard/Malinois), Murphy (domestic medium hair cat), Calypso (California king snake), Giselle (pinstripe ball python), Spooder and Dylan (spider ball pythons with special needs).  Elizabeth enjoys board games and has a collection of over 400 games.  You can find her at board game conventions and tournaments!

  • Cloee Mangelson
    Veterinary Technician

    Cloee started with SMPC in 2022.  She has a passion for animals and loves working with them.

  • Mallory pictured with some clinic puppies
    Mallory Larish
    Veterinary Assistant

    Mallory was born and raised in Utah.  She is a high school student who will be graduating Spring 2023!  Her career goals include becoming a certified veterinary technician and cosmetologist.  She took a veterinary technician class in high school to jump start her career.  Mallory joined SMPC in 2022.  She has two sisters and one brother.  She has owned rabbits, ducks and a dog.  She loves working with animals, spending time with friends and family.  She also makes cakes for Baskin Robbins!

  • Hailey
    Hailey Margetts
    Veterinary Technician

    Hailey was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She resides with her husband, Michael and four dogs; Koda (silly, grumpy rescue mutt), Bella (muppet, Goldendoodle), Sammy (princess, Goldendoodle) and Juno (crazy puppy Goldendoodle).  Hailey has earned her Associate’s pf Applied Science in Veterinary Technology through Broadview University.  Her career goals include becoming a certified veterinary technician and to train on surgery at SMPC.  Hailey joined SMPC in 2022.  She has experience working in general practice after college, however, she wanted a new challenger in her career with a specialty practice.  Hailey loves movies, music, theatre, naps, Disney, school and art supplies!

  • Adyson Curtis
    Veterinary Assistant

    Adyson joined SMPC in 2022.  She was born and raised in Utah with parents (Lori and Russ) and her brother Blake.  Adyson is still in high school and graduates June 2023!  She is very involved at school as the Pit President, FFA Officer and SBOS.  She has loved animals since she was little and her dream was to go into veterinary medicine.  She would love to own her own clinic someday as she continues to pursue her career goals.  Adyson has Lakota (a sassy Paint Quarter Horse), Delta (smart and sometimes lazy Red Tick Coonhound), and Blue (sassy and sweet Blue Tick Coonhound).  In her spare time she enjoys soccer, hunting, horses, and coondogs.

  • Patty pictured with her husband and a snow filled background
    Patty Chapman
    Reproduction Technician/Sires on Ice International Shipments

    Patty was born and raised in Utah.  She served in the Air Force for 26 years active duty, starting in Law Enforcement and then moving to Personnel. The Air Force gave her many opportunities to travel to many countries, seeing the world and meeting a lot of new people. While serving in the Air Force she showed and bred Pomeranians. During that time, one of the highlights of her life was having one of her own dogs on the cover of the AKC Gazette. She also had some very nice Poms and did a lot of winning. Retirement was coming up so Patty put in for a job with the National Guard Bureau and got the job. So, she retired and started her new job in Human Resources (Position Management and Classification). She was able to travel to almost every state to classify the Army/Air positions, which means putting the title, series, and grades on them. For most people in the real world that means how much you are going to make. She then moved to Hill Air Force base in Supply Chain Management as a Change Manager. She became a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, working with Boeing and many other contractors learning their processes at a high level of proficiency. Then she moved to the Base Safety Office. Was the Office Manager, Safety Program Manager and Program Manager for the Motorcycle Program for the whole base. She retired from an Air Force civilian last May serving 20 years.  Patty works with our Sires on Ice International Shipments at SMPC as of 2023. She is willing to learn any of the jobs to include cleaning kennels as long as there are dogs to pet and love! She wants to learn anything she can to help at the practice.  She also has 3 standard poodles.  Her and her husband Doug love to go camping, hiking, 4-wheeling and long walks with the dogs. What a great life I have had.

  • A picture of Liz and her cats
    Liz Mason
    Receptionist/Customer Care Specialist

    Liz moved to Utah in 2000 from Troy, MI with her husband, Chris and children (Ian, Cameron and Lauren) and started with SMPC in 2023.  She is helping out in the front office, but would love to learn more about the practice and cross train in other areas.  She loves animals and is excited to learn all she can about animal reproduction!  Liz graduated from Central Michigan University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Communication and Marketing and worked in sales for years.  Liz has two rescue cats, Hemingway (domestic short hair) and Daisy (domestic short hair).  Daisy has tuxedo coloring and Hemingway is polydactyl (extra toes)!  In her spare time Liz loves reading, traveling, spending time with her kids, in nature and at church (SMCC).

  • Picture of Ace
    Ace Turley
    Certified Veterinary Assistant 1 & 2

    Ace was born and raised in Utah.  He loves working with animals and is a Certified Veterinary Assistant (Level 1 and 2).  He is currently training to become a technician at SMPC and wants to become a Veterinarian.  He has a bearded dragon named Uppollo.  Ace loves anything with animals, sports and the outdoors.

  • Michael Ashby
    Veterinary Assistant

    Michael was born and raised in Twin Falls, ID.  He moved to Utah in 2021 for school studying Exercise Science at Brigham Young University and started at SMPC in 2023.  He hopes to own his own medical practice in the future with a focus on dentistry, physical therapy and veterinary medicine.  Michael has always loved animals, especially dogs.  He loves working with the animals that come into the practice because it fills the void of not having a pet of his own at this time.  He enjoys working with his sister, Elizabeth, in the practice.  In his free time Michael likes to ski, bike, play pickleball and travel.  He coaches high school swimming each Fall.

  • Picture of Annie with birds
    Annie LeDoux
    Veterinary Assistant

    Annie is the newest edition to the team.  Annie was born in American Fork, UT, but considers Virgina as home spending most of her formative years there before moving back to Utah.  She will soon be married to her fiancé Logan and is a first-time puppy mama.  Tucker is a Labradoodle and nuts for fetching.  He sleeps on his back halfway in the closet and has the sweetest demeanor.  Annie joined SMPC in 2023 to learn more about taking care of animals.  She would love to be a stay at home mom once she starts her family.  Until then she wants to learn everything she can to be a ‘jack of all trades’ and share her knowledge with all.  She is passionate about the deaf community and child education.  An interesting fact about Annie is that she is bilingual, certified in American Sign Language.  She loves anything creative – woodworking, painting – roller blading, books and reading.

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