Your puppy should be ready to go home the day after surgery after 9:30 am unless told otherwise.

You will receive some medications which are included in the cost of the crop.


Ears will be taped up to a styro-foam cup. Try to discourage shaking head or rubbing ears.  If necessary, you can crate your dog to discourage too much activity. Watch for swelling or if the ears are not beginning to heal.

You will receive enough pain medication to last a few days. Give as directed.

You will receive antibiotic ointment which is to be applied to cut edges of ears daily. Daily application is very effective to aid in healing and for removal of scabs.

Please keep the cup clean and dry.

Do not apply tape at home or attempt repairs. Come to the hospital for all taping or cup replacements.


You will need to return to the clinic one week after surgery to have sutures removed but we will leave the ears taped on to the cup.

The cup will remain on for one more week.  If the cup is damaged it will need to be replaced.  There is a $15 cup replacement fee.

After the second week with ears taped to the cup, return to the clinic for the first posting. The cost of surgery includes the first posting.  There is a fee associated with further postings.  If you prepay for postings at the time of the ear crop the fee is $100 for 10 posts ($10 each post).  There are no refunds for postings not used.  If you decide to pay for postings at the time of each posting they are $15 each time.

No appointment is necessary for ear postings; you may come in any weekday during normal business hours.   However, scheduling a technician appointment will decrease your wait time.

Please remove the posts and tape the night prior to your posting appointment.  This will allow the ears to dry and rest, and minimize any sores that may develop.

Posts must be kept dry (even other dogs licking them can be a problem) If posts become wet, rubbing will create very painful sores.  If you cannot come in immediately, remove the wet posts and come in as soon as you are able.

Posts are replaced weekly. If the posts break, get wet, or pop out at the bases bring the dog in as soon as possible. Leaving the dogs ears loose for a day is okay, but the sooner we can post them up the better. Please do not try to re-post or re-tape yourself. Small mistakes can result in big problems.

Most dogs ears will stand within 6 to 9 weeks. However there are always exceptions. Some will stand sooner and others, later.

Surgery is more than 98% successful when following recommended care. Feel free to call us if you have any questions.  (801) 987-3639