Ear Cropping Eligibility

Is your dog eligible for Ear Cropping?  You may confirm that we do ear cropping on your dog’s breed by consulting the following list of breeds and the following chart for your dog’s age range of acceptability. (If you do not see your dog breed listed, you are welcome to call us and ask).

  •     Affenpinscher
  •     American Bully
  •     American Staffordshire Terrier (or Pit Bull)
  •     Boston Terrier
  •     Bouvier des Flandres
  •     Boxer
  •     Brussells Griffon
  •     Cane Corso
  •     Doberman Pinscher
  •     Dogo Argentino
  •     Giant Schnauzer
  •     Manchester Terrier
  •     Minature Pinscher
  •     Miniature Schnauzer
  •     Neopolitan Mastiff
  •     Standard Schnauzer

Also, there are age ranges in which we can perform the procedure.  Puppies too young may not be strong enough to bear the anesthesia, while puppies too old may have cartilage in the ears that has already hardened and is no longer possible to train it to stand.  The following chart shows the age ranges of eligible breeds:

** Note: We no longer offer ear crops on Great Danes, even though they are listed in the age list.

A consultation prior to surgery is generally not needed, especially if the puppy is within the recommended age bracket and is being cropped for the first time.

Please note that a successful ear crop depends on the owner’s diligence in bringing the dog in for aftercare procedures.  If you are unable to provide the necessary commitment, then perhaps ear cropping may not be for your dog.